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Accent ZIP Password Recovery

Recovers lost passwords for any zip archives (classic and WinZip AES encryption)
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3 December 2015

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In many offices, important documents are saved in the zip format for storage. Also applying passwords on zip files is a common phenomenon. However in some cases the person who applied the password may have moved out from the organization leaving you with zip files which content you have no access to. If you have landed yourself with a password protected zip file and have no clue about the password enforced in it, you can trust the Accent ZIP Password Recovery 4.8 application to help you get back the data. It is equipped with a sophisticated algorithm that can unlock the password protection in quick time.

The Accent ZIP Password Recovery 4.8 application sports a neat interface and is extremely easy to use. It comes with a recovery wizard which makes the recovery process extremely simple. Once you attempt to recover a file, the wizard will analyze the file, mention the encryption type and even mention the expected recovery speed. Next it would give you several options to break the password like Brute force etc. If you are able to provide the tool with custom inputs related to length of character type used in the password, the recovery process would get completed in lesser time. The software is capable of harnessing the GPU technology available in graphics card processors like NVDIA to quicken the recovery speed. The tool is available to overcome even the strongest encryption standards like AES in a reasonable time frame. Moreover files created by any ZIP utility like WinZip, PKZIP or even the advanced 7ZIP can be unlocked by this application.

On account of its optimum performance in removing passwords from nearly all zip files in a relative short span of time, the Accent ZIP Password Recovery 4.8 application earns a score of three rating stars.

Publisher's description

How can I recover a lost password?
You should use special software recovering passwords. Professional, quick software.
Accent ZIP Password Recovery - is exactly the software you need. Why?..
Because Accent ZIP Password Recovery:
- supports various encryption methods: ZIP/Classic and WinZip AES
- applies AMD and NVIDIA display cards and requires up to 60 times less time to recover a password
- is optimized for all modern processors and sucks them dry
- applies automatic password searching according to preset scenarios
- applies the password mutation mechanism during the dictionary attack
ZIP encryption
The list of supported types of ZIP archives encryption is universal. Alongside with a modern stable protection of WinZIP AES, software supports classical ZIP encryption that is more widespread and is still applied in all modern archivers such as 7Zip, PKZIP, WinRAR, etc., regardless of its weakness.
GPU computing
AccentZPR supports ATI Stream and NVIDIA CUDA technologies. The program can operate applying AMD and NVIDIA GPUs. Use of display cards improves the performance significantly (for example, one display card AMD 5770 can replace up to 12 processors Intel Q6600). Be sure - here is an up-to-date and quite cheap GPU method of ZIP passwords searching.
CPU optimization
Program is optimized for all modern processors AMD and Intel. The program will estimate the system processor and choose the fastest code for password searching. Be sure - here is a unique and fast recovery of WinZip passwords.
Improved capabilities
Novice users will estimate the automatic recovery of passwords according to preset scenarios - it saves time when they are at the stage of studying the program. Professionals will be able to extend the capabilities of the dictionary attack - a macrolanguage that determines the password mutation rules is implemented in the program.
Free demo-version is available.
Accent ZIP Password Recovery
Accent ZIP Password Recovery
Version 4.9
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